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We have a very exciting event happening on April 10th in downtown Tokyo. It is a private event. If you or your company is affiliated and is doing business with overseas companies and meet regularly with colleges who visit Tokyo, please contact us for information about this event, to be considered for an invitation.

Network Tokyo started on LinkedIn

BUSINESS: Join Network Tokyo events throughout Tokyo, and connect with people face to face, gain trust and expand your professional network.

Network Tokyo started on LinkedIn to connect people with resources whether you are looking for new customers, potential long-term clients, people for your social network or simply resources to help your company. Network Tokyo was developed to assist. Reading through our blog on LinkedIn present many networking opportunities. Our group on LinkedIn has more than 1500 members living and working in Tokyo from a variety of industries. We are bringing some of them together throughout the year to meet up in person. You can be apart of it. Invite colleagues, co-workers and friends to join our next event.

SOCIAL: All work and no play is no fun so we want to present another kind of networking opportunity for people looking to get face to face with friends you met online. We have public and private social networking events. Join our mailing list to get an invitation to our next social networking event. These social events bring together some of the most interesting and successful people living in Tokyo that want to expand their social circles.

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